Pic of Station on Boabs Brae
Boabs Brae Station


An entirely fictitious “OO” layout, Boab’s Brae has to be seen to be believed.  Two single tracks cross each other twice, once by bridge, and once on the level, the track plan being basically an inverted figure of eight.


The model consists of eight baseboards forming a hollow rectangle.  The mixture of freight and passenger traffic makes for some interesting operation, especially when two trains are approaching the crossing from opposite directions.  The layout appeared in the BBC children’s’ programme “Lets See“, broadcast in 1984.

Boabs Brae
Main line on Boabs Brae


Each baseboard is constructed from 3” X 1” [76 X 25 mm] dressed pine topped off with Sundeala supported at intervals.  Peco streamline track, on a cork track bed, has been used with predominately large radius turnouts.  The turnouts are powered by Peco point motors fitted with KMP point motor adaptors.

All buildings, bridges and scenery are scratch built.

The overall running length is approximately 40 feet [12.2 metres].

This layout was so badly damaged by smoke from the fire in the Benvenuti café on the floor below our clubrooms in 1984, that it had to be broken up.