Machan is a ‘OO’ gauge fictitious layout representing the end of a freight only branch line.  This was in response to club members’ suggestions that all our layouts to date had had passenger trains and facilities predominating.


As a consequence, the layout consists of three baseboards with freight facilities, but no passenger accommodation.  This makes for interesting operation, particularly when the rolling stock is fitted with “Sprat and Winkle” couplings for hands-off shunting.

The period displayed is the transition from steam to ‘green’ diesel, reflecting the stock from club members.


Each baseboard is constructed from 2.3/4” X 3/4” [70 X 19 mm] dressed pine making up and “L girder” frame topped off with 3/8” [10 mm] Sundeala.  Peco streamline track, on a cork track bed, has been used with predominately large radius turnouts.

All buildings and scenery are scratch built, with much kit built rolling stock in operation.  Rolling stock which is not kit built, has been modified to take “Sprat and Winkle” couplings.

For full operation of the model, two persons are required, one of whom oversees the fiddle yard, which consists of a turntable holding up to ten trains on five pairs of tracks.

The layout was broken up in 2002 and the frames re-used to form part of HYNDFORD .